Vehicles fully fitted to process digital data from cameras – the dailies, colour grading

We’ll provide you with DIT’s services and mobile On-Set Labs – post-production labs on wheels equipped for backing up and processing data from digital movie cameras; for grading colours; synchronising sound; QC; making the dailies for editors, VFX, directors and/or producers. Everything thoroughly and safely backed up, incl. LTO.

How does it work in practice?

The design puts safety and mobility before everything. The labs are ready for action in five minutes of when they reach their destination. For power supply they rely on their own genny in case the power grid is unavailable. Our DIT will take care of the technical jobs about cameras and their reloading. With the reloaded material ready, the DIT will back it up, grade colours, add sound and prepare the dailies for the edit station (Avid, FinalCut…), for producers, for the director, for VFX, or he/she will make other formats if so needed. Moreover, the DIT will look after distributing the dailies and supervising the delivery of individual shots to the relevant departments.

Dailies? “Hourlies” would be more to the point

The dailies are completed for the wrap on the same day (save for a few final shots) and the producer, director or DoP will be able to inspect their own shots in car on their way home, using e.g. the iPad.

Is that all?

We can make streamable dailies so that they can hit the internet the same evening. All is duly safeguarded – the rights, private files and other items can be set without any limitations. The system can also serve to distribute editorial cut of scenes or entire projects.

Archive on wheels

The labs are fitted with a huge 60 TB Raid array, big enough to safely backup most of the projects as a whole so that even data stored during the last several dozen days can be retrieved when needed.

Smaller projects can take advantage of our reduced version of the on-set DIT cart.

For ambitious projects we can offer Live Grading performed directly on set in cooperation with DoP and covering as many as four cameras simultaneously. A sophisticated system of metadata allows that all colour corrections the DoP may consider desirable are available for the entire post-production process (i.e. the dailies, the editing and the final grading), making the job cheaper and less time consuming.


If your DoP or your video village requires professional calibrated monitors able to offer superior contrast, excellent viewing angles and top-notch colour rendering, the OLED monitors will do the trick.

We can provide you with Sony OLED PVMs fitted with HW picture analysers (Waveform monitors) or FLANDERS SCIENTIFIC DM250. Be your projects short or long, we will lend you what is needed.


Perfect solution for wireless transmission of HD video in real time.

Teradek Bolt 3000 is a premium wireless video solution for cinematographers, broadcasters, and independent content creators

We can offer sets of Bolt Deluxe 3000 with an external antenna and an increased range up to 1 km, which represent vast improvements over previous versions.

  • Range: 1000m (3000ft)
  • Rapid Reconnect
  • Input/Output: 3G-SDI & HDMI
  • Resolution/Framerate: 1080p60
  • Metadata support


We also offer Teradek COLR LUT boxes.

Editorial equipment rental

We rent professional Avid and FinalCut edit stations – from a “reduced” mobile version suitable for field applications to full-fledged professional station fitted with the Panasonic Pro TV set, active professional loudspeakers, an audio mixer, a UPS backup should the utility grid fail, and more…

The edit stations can be either stand-alone workplaces (e.g. for a single editor) or stations for a team of several editors fully equipped with the Avid ISIS or Avid Unity systems for more challenging projects, with all the devices interconnected by a high-speed optical network.

choose from several differently configured stations, particularly:

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Unity rack version
  • Avid ISIS Server
  • Portable (notebook) or a higher-performing desktop PC
  • Two-monitor and multi-monitor setups
  • Panasonic Pro plasma TV set
  • Active loudspeakers
  • Audio mixer

The edit stations can be upgraded by adding, e.g.:

Grass Valley – converter used to connect the videosignal from camera (it comes in handy for on-set field editing when the editor downloads the videosignal from camera in real time – the composition can thus be done immediately).

AJA KiPro – professional recording unit in H264 (very simple workflow for FinalCut editors)

To keep at the cutting edge, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and never slacken in innovating & upgrading our technical systems and devices.

The services of our on-set assistant editor are at your disposal. We have the needed equipment – this service can be suitably complemented by putting the multimedia van to use.

 We offer also the Avid and FinalCut edit stations.


The fifth generation of our mobile “iBox” hotspots. Do you need to have internet available on site? Just plug in and start surfing… The fastest internet without compromises. No limitations, FUP or hidden charges.

Thanks to a special magnetic fixture the equipment can be fastened to all ferromagnetic surfaces and an adapter we provide makes its operation possible even in moving vehicles.


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